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My thoughts on Rick Nash and the Blue Jackets

March 3, 2012

The last time I wrote about this I thought the Jackets brass had asked Nash to waive his no movement clause. It has since come to light that Nash asked to be traded.

Rick Nash has played his whole career in Columbus. He seems like a nice, quiet guy that would make a nice neighbor or friend. He was drafted first in the draft and has been the star player on a bad team ever since. His stats are never great but the retort to that is always that he is surrounded by bad players and needs better players around him. While partly true, Nash has never grown much as a player or demanded more from himself. He has been team captain through two squads basically quitting on their coach. Watching him play in the Olympics, he plays a hard nosed aggressive style. In Columbus, he goes on auto pilot or coasts along at times. He is obviously a good player, but the motivation is gone. Right or wrong.

Scott Howson may have had the chance to trade Nash. It’s not public knowledge what he was offered or if they really intended to move him at all. Now Howson is faced with a team in disarray and a captain that wants out of town. He has had five years to get this going in the right direction. He would have been fired in any other situation but has the keys to the situation here. Trading Nash will be his legacy. I doubt he is up to the task of getting a return that will turn the Jackets into winners, but he will be forced to accept an offer at some point. This situation can not last as it is currently.

Bad teams always have drama. Being an Indians, Cavaliers, Browns and Jackets fan I see it all the time. When teams win you never hear this kind of crap. Hopefully soon the CBJ fans will have a winner to talk about instead. Frankly, it seems so far away.


Ohio Sports weekend wrap up

November 29, 2011

Browns lose to Bengals 23-20

After leading at the half 17-7, the Browns couldn’t finish the deal. Greg Little dropped several key passes, the defense faltered, and Colt McCoy threw an ill timed interception as well. The Browns main problem right now is a lack of play makers. It goes all the way back to the former regimes’ trading away Kellen Winslow and Braylon Edwards and not finding suitable replacements for them. Coach Shurmer needs to get better at calling plays as well.  The Browns face the Ravens next week and it will again be a struggle. Hopefully they can get an upset or two these last few weeks.

Ohio State hires Urban Meyer

In possibly the worst kept secret ever, the Buckeyes hired former Florida coach Urban Meyer to a six year contract worth twenty four million.  Interim coach Luke Fickell stays on as defensive coordinator and will coach the team in the bowl game if offered one. The hiring takes the sting out of the OSU loss to Michigan Saturday, 36-30.

Grady Sizemore resigns with the Indians

Meet the new center fielder. Same as the old one. Grady is back for 4 million and another potential five in bonuses. If healthy Sizemore can be an offensive catalyst. He hasn’t been able to stay on the field lately though. He didn’t want to leave and I’m glad they kept him around for another go at it.

Blue Jackets continue to struggle and lose again to St. Louis

Sunday night in Columbus saw the Jackets go down to defeat against former coach Ken Hitchcock and his Blues 2-1 in a shoot out. The CBJ have been playing some what better but still can’t get enough offense to really roll out a nice winning streak. The Capitals and Hurricanes both fired coaches today. Its interesting to me that Scott Arniel is hanging in there after all the switching around the NHL.

Ohio State basketball

Ohio State mens basketball team hosts Duke on Tuesday. #2 against #3. Very good test early for the Buckeyes as they look to establish themselves at the top of the rankings and big ten as well.