Indy Super Bowl pics

February 6, 2012

Downtown Indianapolis is a crazy place during Super Bowl weekend. Fun and unique attractions and fans from all the teams together to enjoy the spectacle.



Fitness Monday 5 fitness tips

January 31, 2012

Mondays are usually thought of with dread. But I like to think of them as the potential for a new beginning. A New Years day once a week! Here are five ideas for improving your health and happiness.

1. Get more sleep! In retrospect, most bad days can be traced to bad starts. If you aren’t refreshed by sleeping how can you possibly start well and feel fresh? This is a must!

2.Drink a gallon of water a day. This flushes out the toxins and makes you feel fresh. It will have you going to the bathroom more too.

3.walk. Take the stairs. Park further away at the store. Any time you can add a few steps do it!

4. Smile. This may sound silly but just the act of smiling has been proven to make you happier and feel better. Try to smile and stay angry. It’s impossible!

5. Encourage others. By encouraging and helping others, you get a natural rush of good feelings. It may not seem fitness related but it is. I promise!

I hope you find these ideas helpful. Feel free to leave any suggestions you have in the comments section.

UFC on Fox 2 results

January 29, 2012

UFC on Fox 2 was pretty disappointing. In the first bout, Damian Maia fought Chris Weidman.  The fight went to a decision with Weidman winning. Both fighters appeared tired after a couple moments of fighting. Very lackluster opening bout.

In the second fight, Chael Sonnen defeated Michael Bisping in a close decision. This was the best fight of the evening and saw both fighters do some things well. I was hoping this fight would lead to an excing main event.

Rashad Evans defeated Phil Davis in the finale. Evans dominated Davis throughout the whole fight and looked on the verge of finishing him several times. Evans won the fight 50-45 on all judges cards and is now in line for  a title fight with Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones.  Evans performance was good and workman like but will not be enough to defeat Jones. He must show more. Davis loss was his first ever but showed he has a long way to go to be considered for a title shot.

This was the second UFC on Fox and they will have to improve the cards and the production to keep this going. Way to much pre fight talk and not enough action.

My predictions were 2 right and 1 wrong.

UFC on Fox 2 card and predictions

January 27, 2012

Three fights on the main card Saturday. I’m predicting Evans, Sonnen and Maia to win their fights although I would like to see Davis beat Evans. I love these Fox cards it’s something new and exciting. Sonnen and Bisping is the most intriguing fight; the two biggest talkers in MMA going head to head.  Finally Maia and Weidman is a good fight to start the night. I go with the Brazilian in this contest but it should be a great fight.


Light heavyweight- Evans vs Davis 

Middleweight- Sonnen vs Bisping

Middleweight- Maia vs Weidman


UFC 142 results

January 15, 2012

Aldo defeated Mendes     Predicted Aldo

Belfort defeated Johnson

Palhares defeated Messenzio Predicted Palhares

Prater defeated Silva predicted Silva

Barboza defeated Etim  Predicted Barboza

This card didn’t excite me on paper but ended up being pretty good. My predictions are now 14 right and 5 wrong. Not bad.  This video is of Barboza hitting a spinning kick to the head of Etim. Awesome knock out!


American Shaolin reviewed

January 14, 2012

From time to time I like to review books.  Today I look back at American Shaolin by Matthew Polley.

Matthew Polley was a Princeton undergrad in the early 90’s  would wanted to find himself. So, he dropped out of Princeton, jumped on a plane and landed in China. He had no idea where the Shaolin Temple was or if it even existed for sure. He managed to find the town and then followed a young monk to the temple.

Polley grows from a novice trainee to an accomplished kick boxer in two years. He trains with many unique fighters and details the Chinese government and how they use the monks and the Shaolin name to make money. This book chronicles the fighting well but the most interesting parts I found were the cultural differences and how he handled them. His coming to grips with his weaknesses and honesty are my favorite parts. He also describes the monks and their acrobatic moves wonderfully. For anyone with an interest in martial arts or other cultures or even just someone looking to pass the time, you can’t go wrong with this book.

Finally, this book is worth reading just to read the legend of iron crotch. I won’t give that part of the story away though.
I picked up this book on for less than 5 dollars.

UFC Rio 142 predictions and card

January 13, 2012

Aldo over Mendes

Johnson vs Belfort*

Palhares over Massenzio

Silva over Prater

Barboza over Etim

*Johnson couldn’t make weight not sure what’s happening so not picking that one. Looks like a lot of fun with the Brazilians getting wild and throwing a great party

Jackets problems run deeper than Arniel

January 12, 2012

When the Columbus Blue Jackets fired Scott Arniel last week, my first thought was “good”,” about time” and “why not sooner?”. The team has struggled as long as he had been in charge. Attendance is falling at an incredible rate and fan apathy is at an all time high. Young players aren’t being developed either.


After some reflection I thought, why not Howson too? He has been in charge of picking players an coaches for a few years now. The team has been terrible on his watch. No General Manager in pro sports has a record as poor as his and is still employed.

Then I got to the heart of the matter. As long as the current ownership is in place, firing anyone is a mercy firing. Howson and Arniel are poor. The changes won’t change anything unless there is some commitment to winning from the top.

Midlife crisis or how I lost 40 lbs in three months

January 3, 2012

Note – (This has nothing to do with sports per se or anything Ohio related either except I’m in Ohio. It’s just my story to share that I hope can inspire others.)

On October 9th 2011, I turned 40. I didn’t freak out or think my life was over or anything of that sort. I did think about it being time to make some changes though. When I turned 30 I quit smoking and weighed about 180 lbs. Ten years later I weighed 225 lbs and had been all the way up to 250.  I knew it was time for another big change so this is what I did.

The first big change was what I was eating. I quit eating fast food, drinking milk and eating cereal. I also cut out peanut products and most alcohol as well. With these few changes I saw results quickly. I then started eating turkey burgers and beans most days with occasional other items as well. My body started changing shape quickly at this point.

Once the weight started coming off my energy level shot through the roof and my body just felt better. So, I was able to do more which burned even more calories. Things started to snowball as I worked harder on myself. I can even do a few push ups now which is amazing for me.

I finally hit the forty pound loss mark today. From 225 to 185. My body looks much different but still has room to improve. I hope to be able to add more to this story in the future. I’m planning on a spring 5k and even more aggressive running plans after that. I feel so amazing and hope that someone reading this will feel a sense of hope. It can be done.  Confidence grows with small successes!

Hillis and Browns at the crossroads

January 3, 2012


Peyton Hillis is no Jim Brown, no Kevin Mack or Earnest Byner; Leroy Kelly either for that matter. But on this current edition of the Browns he is undoubtedly their most productive offensive player.  I’m not sure what his worth is on the open market. But with a team lacking in skill at so many positions, why would they consider letting him go and drafting a running back?

Hillis has had a weird year. He was the cover boy for the Madden video game series and then haggled with the Berea Bunch about a new contract. As that wound festered he came down with strep throat and missed a game. He later told the media he could probably have played but his agent suggested he not. Then he pulled a hamstring and missed several games while the Browns struggled to fill in for him.

Finally at the end of the year Hillis had a couple of decent games. The Cleveland Plain Dealer’s Browns beat writer Tony Grossi has repeatedly opined that Hillis will be let go and not resigned. This is a mistake. Hillis can help the Browns going forward. He’s not irreplaceable but again, there are to many holes in the lineup to give good players away. Mike Holmgren and Tom Heckert should think long and hard before giving Hillis away.