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#CBJ Carter trade ends sour experiment

February 25, 2012

Jeff Carter was traded to Columbus a few months ago. The expectation was that he would be the Center the Blue Jackets had long needed to put them into the playoffs and even to advance. Rick Nash, the Jackets long time star wing, had needed this type of player to finally flourish. Something happened along the way though.

When Carter was aquired, the Jackets gave up young Jake Voracek and a 1st round draft choice. Things looked bright. Carter was shocked by the trade and had recently signed a long term deal with his old team, the Philadelphia Flyers. Carter went into seclusion for several days and had to be drawn out by Nash and others going to visit him. This was a bad sign but at the time I overlooked it. Going to a new team has to be a shock.

The season started with a wimper. Carter was out with injury and the team struggled. When he finally did make it onto the ice the team floundered and he looked disinterested. As the team struggled, Coach Scott Arniel became more and more off the wall in his explanations of their troubles. In what could best be described as a mercy firing, he was finally let go.

The Jackets have had the worst record in the NHL all season. Rick Nash was placed on the trading block and others have been shuffled out of town as well. Thursday night, Carter was traded to the LA Kings. The experiment is over and looks like the Jackets are going with a whole new style of player and youth.

I can’t help but wonder what might have happened if Carter came in with a different attitude and effort level. For me, he is the most disapointing Blue Jacket ever.


A superstar that wants to play in Ohio? Trade him!

February 15, 2012

The Columbus Blue Jackets are in the midst of their worst ever season after spending all of their cap money to bolster the attack. Team captain Rick Nash reportedly has been asked to waive his no trade clause and accept a move elsewhere. Nash has been a patient man as the front office has promised him for years to build around him. At this point he looks to be the scapegoat for poor trades and drafting. Nash has been one of the few bright spots for the Jackets.

General Manager Scott Howson would be fired in most pro sports cities. His record is abysmal and his team building has been random patchwork. Only in Columbus would he be given carte blanche to rebuild something he couldn’t build in the first place. If Nash has to be traded, this man should not be the one doing it. This cycle of team building has been a failure and so has Howson.

I’m not sure how this turns out but Nash deserves better than having his loyalty and contract signing of 8 years being thrown out after 2. The Columbus hockey squad will wait a long time for a player of his caliber than wants to play here.

Jackets problems run deeper than Arniel

January 12, 2012

When the Columbus Blue Jackets fired Scott Arniel last week, my first thought was “good”,” about time” and “why not sooner?”. The team has struggled as long as he had been in charge. Attendance is falling at an incredible rate and fan apathy is at an all time high. Young players aren’t being developed either.


After some reflection I thought, why not Howson too? He has been in charge of picking players an coaches for a few years now. The team has been terrible on his watch. No General Manager in pro sports has a record as poor as his and is still employed.

Then I got to the heart of the matter. As long as the current ownership is in place, firing anyone is a mercy firing. Howson and Arniel are poor. The changes won’t change anything unless there is some commitment to winning from the top.

Ohio Sports weekend wrap up

November 29, 2011

Browns lose to Bengals 23-20

After leading at the half 17-7, the Browns couldn’t finish the deal. Greg Little dropped several key passes, the defense faltered, and Colt McCoy threw an ill timed interception as well. The Browns main problem right now is a lack of play makers. It goes all the way back to the former regimes’ trading away Kellen Winslow and Braylon Edwards and not finding suitable replacements for them. Coach Shurmer needs to get better at calling plays as well.  The Browns face the Ravens next week and it will again be a struggle. Hopefully they can get an upset or two these last few weeks.

Ohio State hires Urban Meyer

In possibly the worst kept secret ever, the Buckeyes hired former Florida coach Urban Meyer to a six year contract worth twenty four million.  Interim coach Luke Fickell stays on as defensive coordinator and will coach the team in the bowl game if offered one. The hiring takes the sting out of the OSU loss to Michigan Saturday, 36-30.

Grady Sizemore resigns with the Indians

Meet the new center fielder. Same as the old one. Grady is back for 4 million and another potential five in bonuses. If healthy Sizemore can be an offensive catalyst. He hasn’t been able to stay on the field lately though. He didn’t want to leave and I’m glad they kept him around for another go at it.

Blue Jackets continue to struggle and lose again to St. Louis

Sunday night in Columbus saw the Jackets go down to defeat against former coach Ken Hitchcock and his Blues 2-1 in a shoot out. The CBJ have been playing some what better but still can’t get enough offense to really roll out a nice winning streak. The Capitals and Hurricanes both fired coaches today. Its interesting to me that Scott Arniel is hanging in there after all the switching around the NHL.

Ohio State basketball

Ohio State mens basketball team hosts Duke on Tuesday. #2 against #3. Very good test early for the Buckeyes as they look to establish themselves at the top of the rankings and big ten as well.