#Indians five best promotions 2012 (Besides fireworks)

There is nothing better than going to a baseball game. The sights and sounds and smells are all fantastic. But they are intangible. If your team loses or the guy next to you has gas or the lady in front of you blocks your view, the memory won’t be positive. How to confront this? Promotions and giveaways!

The Indians have some pretty cool things going this year. Lets count the five best down…

5. Joe Carter bobble head. May 20. Before he became a World Series hero in Toronto, Carter toiled for the hapless Indian teams of the 80’s. His trade to the Padres helped get the Indians rolling with Sandy Alomar Jr and Carlos Baerga coming in return. I look forward to seeing how this one looks and hope maybe Carter will be in attendance too.

4.Justin Masterson replica jersey. May 28. Masterson was probably the Indians best pitcher last year and hopes to improve this season. Whats cooler than getting one of your favorite team’s best player’s jersey?

3.Dollar dog night. July 26. I’m not the world’s biggest hot dog fan but this one is tough to pass up. They are playing the Tigers and you get cheap food too? Awesome!

2.Gaylord Perry Bobble head. August 12. Gaylord Perry made the hall of fame by deception. Was he doctoring the ball? He would touch different parts of his hat and jersey to throw the umps off the trail. He got ejected once in his whole career for throwing a spitter. He spent several years in the 70’s in Cleveland. This one would be number one if it spit!

1.Carlos Baerga Bobble head. June 3. Let me preface this one; Carlos Baerga was one of my favorite players of the 90’s. He looked like he enjoyed every second of his time on the field. I love bobble heads too. This is an unbeatable combo and I can’t wait to add it to my collection.


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